Monday, March 4, 2013

[3.4.13] i'm looking forward to...

1. my new nanny job. i'm keeping a sweet baby boy just a couple miles from my house through may. it was funny timing, and you all know i wasn't really looking to be a nanny again, but it's a perfect situation and i'm really excited about it.

2. new books. some inspiring people from my church wrote some inspiring books that were released recently. i love having new reading material. i might love it even more when i actually know the person who wrote it. check them out here and here.

3. a new recipe for "healthier" mac and cheese that i'm trying tonight. found on pinterest, of course. we'll see how it goes.

hope your monday is above average!

<3 jojy

[that's my friend amanda at stone mountain. she and some other cool girls just started a food blog. check it out!]

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