Thursday, February 28, 2013

product review: soapwalla activated charcoal and petitgrain soap bar

it's been a while since i've done a natural beauty post! and i'm excited to review this little guy for you all.

i ordered the soapwalla activated charcoal and petitgrain facial and body bar towards the end of january. i woke up and my skin was just a mess. and i felt frantic and insecure. i opened my computer and saw something on facebook that nubonau had posted about this soap. all i saw was "good for blemish-prone skin" and i stopped reading, signed onto nubonau, put the soap in my cart. as i was clicking the last button to complete my order, i quickly yelled to harrison, "can i order some soap? its only ten dollars!" and, before he answered, i had already ordered it and felt just a little bit calmer.

my first reactions:

  • it smells really good. kind of a light, earthy, floral scent. not overwhelming. 
  • it's black. that's kind of weird, but i also kinda dig it. 
  • it has a suuuuuper silky lather and feels very nice and luxurious on your skin.

after a month's use:

  • my skin generally feels smoother [which is saying a lot since its winter and i usually get seriously dry skin]
  • it's great for daily use. doesn't over-dry, which most cleansers for acne usually do.
  • my break outs are not gone, but they do seem to be healing more quickly. my skin breaks out a lot more during the winter, so the fact that my skin is healing quicker is a sign that the soap is helping, i think. i'll be interested to see how things go in the warmer weather using this soap. 

will i buy this product again? yes. absolutely.

would i recommend this product? yes. absolutely.

is it worth $10? yes. absolutely.

there ya have it!

<3 jojy

[you can buy this product here and here]


  1. How is the soap holding up? I just ordered one, anxiously waiting for it.

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