Tuesday, March 12, 2013

quick update: a puppy!

hello all! i just wanted to give a quick update and let you know the reason that i'll be a little less active on the blog this week.

harrison and i are fostering a puppy! we had been talking about getting a dog for a while, but didn’t have any serious plans to do so. then some of our friends adopted a sweet little girl puppy named maeby. we instantly fell in love with her, and when we found out that she had some siblings that needed a home, we reached out to the rescue agency. from there things happened super quickly. all of a sudden we had a puppy but no food, crate, toys or anything! [don’t worry, we have since acquired all of these items]

we're doing the foster to adopt program, so, if all goes well, we will keep him "furever" (yeah, i just said that. i'm becoming more and more of a dog mommy person or whatever. i feel funny).

he's a mixed-breed pup, about 3 months old. he may be the calmest, nicest, most well-behaved puppy i've ever known! 

if you're my friend you should come over and meet him. he loves people. the AT&T man came over unexpectedly yesterday, and you would have thought he was zissou's long lost brother. zissou was thrilled about the company and curled up at his feet immediately. what a guy. 

i'll try to check in here again in a few days! send happy puppy training thoughts our way!!

<3 jojy

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  1. aw, congrats he's seriously adorable.
    we kind of very unintentionally fostered a puppy not too long ago. our plan was to keep him, but we moved to a place where we couldnt have pets. we ended up finding him a good home, though!