Monday, February 25, 2013

[2.25.13] i'm looking forward to...

[an example of me not looking very positive. its hard to smile when there is a nasty dumpster right behind that fence.]

it can get a little difficult to be positive when you're trying to focus your interests and goals and find a career and dream big and then you realize you're still a housewife in your pajamas drinking coffee out of a dolly parton mug [i'm kind of complaining but not really complaining cause i know my life could be worse!]. SO. in an effort to be a little more positive, i'm going to do a weekly "three things i'm looking forward to" post.

i'm looking forward to...

1. the possibility of a redesign for the blog! what you're looking at now is the best that harrison and i could do with our limited knowledge and resources. and hey, it has served me well and looks just fine. but as things are growing, i would like to clean house a little. we're looking at our options and will hopefully get things moving in the next couple of weeks.

2. wedding season. i know, i know, i'm not a wedding person and i generally make that very clear. but hey, i love love. i love celebrating people that i love. and i love to dance in the name of love.

3. sandal weather. i know it's still february, and i'm probably jumping the gun, but yesterday's 65 degree weather made me warm and fuzzy. i can't wait to slip back into my saltwater sandals. i lived in them last summer and can't wait to do it again this year. i would also like to get ahold of a pair in black.

so there you have it. a little positivity for this dreary monday.

<3 jojy

p.s. this and this have helped me the past few days. 

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  1. i didn't know you had a blog! glad to have found it :)
    i'm with you on the sandal weather. my birthday is early feb, so once that's over, i'm ready for spring.