Thursday, February 21, 2013

long overdue update

1. love birds // encouragement from the pavement
2. big boy nephew [3yrs] // baby boy nephew [16mos]
3. window light on bed // lemon in my hot tea is my new jam
4. giant husband // neon pink lipstick
5. most photographable water bottle // what i look like in the bathroom of empire state south
6. harrison on valentines [he's not mad, just slightly embarrassed] // my new favorite way to embarrass harrison
7. valentines cocktails // frida and diego on opening night

okay guys. it has been a while, i know. call me an irresponsible blogger, but i really like to take extended breaks. sometimes i just lose inspiration and everything seems bland. sometimes i can push through it and pump out a post, and sometimes i'm just totally disgusted with this space and need to pretend it doesn't exist. it's not you, it's me.

the good news is, after blogging for several months now, i have in fact pinpointed a lot of the things that i am most interested in! which was the goal of starting this blog in the first place. i don't have a clear game plan for how to go about making a career out of my passions but at least i'm one step closer!

sorry for being gone so long! i don't want to say you should expect me to do that every once in a while...but maybe you should? i'll do my best.

if you were concerned about my whereabouts over the past several weeks, see the photos above.

<3 jojy

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