Friday, February 22, 2013

imogene + willie

every once in a while something just hits you hard, and you can't stop thinking about it, and you have to find a way to be involved in it in some way, and you want you to tell everyone about it.

that thing for me right this very moment is imogene + willie.

i know, i'm late to the party on this one. someone probably feels smug and cool cause they already knew about this brand and i didn't. i don't even care, y'all.

maybe it's because i am continually on the search for the perfect pair of jeans [most jean shopping trips end in ugly cry face], or maybe it's because harrison and i dream of starting our own business one day and we've been dreaming particularly hard lately...i don't know, but for whatever reason, imogene + willie has resonated with me to a divine degree.

their products are perfection. the above photos are my favorite pairs of jeans from their website. besides several different styles of jeans, they also have a variety of cool button down shirts, jewelry, bags, shoes and other goodies. i'm currently coveting all of their work shirts and that beautiful pair of jeans in the top left [imogene slim black].

a great pair of jeans is nice and all but what about the brand behind them? imogene +willie is a brand to admire. based in nashville, TN, USA. husband and wife team. made in store. rich family history. i just can't think of a better place to buy my jeans. the duo behind the company, carrie and matt eddmenson, are passionate about what they do and have built their company on things that matter. they even named it after carrie's maternal grandparents! if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, or even if you just love a great story, watch the video and read about their history. it brought me to tears. i love the way that their families and values played a part in the creation of the perfect pair of jeans.

i told harrison today that we need to save our money and plan a road trip to nashville this spring, specifically to go to imogene + willie [the store is an old gas station!!!] and get fitted for jeans.

until then i'll probably just be pants-less. cause none of my current wardrobe measures up.

<3 jojy

[all images courtesy of imogene + willie:  imogene slim black // imogene rinsed // willie rigid // hencye]

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  1. it is definitely, definitely worth the trip! i love that place! hit imogene and willie and a restaurant called backyard. your nashville trip is complete!