Friday, January 4, 2013

what is the big deal about leggings?

[audrey hepburn looking chic as usual in funny face. wearing something remarkably close to leggings as pants]

for whatever reason, leggings as pants have been getting a lot of bad press lately. i'm not sure why...this trend has been around for years now. i can speak for everyone born in the 80s that we lived in leggings as pants 24/7 and so did our moms. leggings with a chambray shirt anyone? that was like my mom's uniform when i was a kid.

here's my quick take:

we are all trying to squeeze into the skinniest skinny jeans we can find anyways, so why not be comfortable while being stylish and just wear leggings? to me, the main difference is just that skinny jeans have pockets and leggings don't so they show just a tad more curvature. i think leggings create an even sleeker look than skinny jeans because they don't bunch up around the knee and you don't have to put them in the dryer before every wear to tighten them up. take the photos of audrey hepburn above. doesn't she look lovely? if you've seen funny face then you know that iconic scene where she is dancing in that outfit and being amazing. i've always loved that outfit. and i think its a good representation of how pretty and chic leggings as pants [WITHOUT wearing a shirt that covers your bum. GASP!] can be.

they can be worn so many ways. dressy, sexy, casual, trendy, sporty. the possibilities are endless, really.

<3 jojy

p.s. awesome leggings that i want: geometrictrianglesgalaxywet lookstar wars


  1. I have been thinking about this issue for days. I was/am in the tights aren't pants camp but I had to really dig in and figure out why. I think the reality is this look isn't cut out for some people and the easiest way to not offend anyone is to tell everyone they shouldn't do it. After reading that I realize it isn't fair to make someone who looks great in tights feel dumb or guilty for wearing them. Feels like I maybe took it too deep for a fashion post but just wanted to know you got me thinking and maybe even changed my mind ;)

    1. haha, fashion IS deep, Emily! i appreciate your thoughts on the matter. glad i could help you sort out this very serious issue :)

  2. I would like to make the new statement "yoga pants are not pants" (in public, unless you literally just stepped out of yoga class and just hadddd to run to target in them) ha.ha.ha.

    1. haha yes!! why is everyone so okay with moms wearing yoga pants everywhere but so NOT okay with leggings as pants? its pretty much the same thing!!