Monday, January 7, 2013

"let your one day affect her everyday"

wowowow. i LOVE this organization.

love gives way is a community of wedding vendors who have set up different wedding packages making it so that a portion of what you are spending will go towards helping those who have been exploited by sex trafficking.

if only i had known about this when i was getting married!

i find all of the hullabaloo that goes into weddings very frustrating. it tends to make people very self-centered. it's YOUR day. YOU YOU YOU. brides are told that this is the one time in their life where they get to pretend like they are a princess and demand that they have everyone's full attention. wedding planning is not typically a time where you think outside yourself. because of this, love gives way is an incredibly unique voice in the current wedding culture.*

"love gives way is a community of brides and grooms who are choosing that their love gives way to the  recovery and restoration of sexually exploited people." -andy brophy, founder of love gives way

if you're recently engaged and looking to plan your wedding in a way that glorifies more than just yourself, this is a meaningful way to do it. you can choose from several different wedding vendors who are all passionate about ending sex trafficking and helping to make your big day beautiful.

cause even on the day when it's supposed to be all about you, it's just not.

<3 jojy

*i am not at all saying that i think you are a bad person if you love weddings and everything that goes into planning them. if you read this and i was at your wedding and now you think that i was judging you the whole time, i was not. i was most likely crying tears of joy and celebrating with you and embarrassing you on the dance floor. these thoughts on weddings are only my personal conviction on wedding culture in general. 


  1. What a lovely way to start a marriage! Thanks for sharing this. Even though we've already had our day, I would be interested to see if any of the vendors have packages that contribute that are non-wedding related...I am always looking for an excuse to have professional pictures taken!

    1. oh, thats a great question! definitely worth checking out.