Monday, January 21, 2013

spring time beauty wish list

juice beauty SPF 30 tinted mineral moisturizer: i'm thinking this would be a great makeup for summer. it has SPF which is a must [all day every day, you guys!] and its lightly tinted. assuming my skin is clear enough, i would probably just wear this with a little blush and mascara and be done.

ilia beauty lipstick in "neon angel": i want this stuff so bad. ilia has been my go to lipstick for about a year now but usually only in the red category. i don't know what has come over me, but for the past couple weeks i find myself looking at this lipstick several times a week thinking over when i can buy it. the colors of clothes i wear tend to be more neutral so i feel like i could do this neon lip no problem. i can't stop imaging an all black outfit with a neon pink smile. do you have the image in your head? i'm rocking it, right?

clarisonic mia sonic skin cleansing system: i have been hearing about these forever but never paid them any mind. maybe it's cause my winter skin in freaking out a lot lately, i don't know. but all of a sudden i feel like i need this. has anyone out there ever used one? i think the idea is that it just cleans your skin way better than you clean can it with your hands. apparently it really helps with acne. i'll take it. bonus, they come in fun colors!

soapwalla luxurious moisturizing body oil: i don't know why but i hate lotioning my body. i guess i just feel like it takes too long, and i get lotion everywhere, and it never dries fast enough, etc. but i have never tried a body oil. i love my face oils, so i feel like a body oil could be really great. i also have a weird red itchy rash all over my stomach sometimes [no doc has ever successfully diagnosed it] and i bet it would go away if i was consistently putting a quality body oil on.

have any of you used these products? i'm hoping to get some of these for valentine's day, in my easter basket and/or for my birthday. [hint hint, husband...]

<3 jojy


  1. I want that MIA! I have the Juice Beauty tinted moisturizer and use it everyday with a little of their cover up and some light powder.

    I like the Juice Beauty, but it feels a little grainier than other tinted moisturizers I've used which sometimes makes it feel a little too thick. I'm wondering how it will feel in warmer weather.

    1. interesting that it feels grainy. have you tried mixing it with a little argan oil or something similar? sometimes that can make heavier moisturizers easier to spread and feel a little lighter.

  2. Hi Jojy,been creeping for a while figured it was time to post. I haven't tried a "body oil" per se, but have been using plain old coconut oil as my body lotion for about a month now and love it! Dry winter hands no more and the back of the arm red bumps that I've had forever, gone too. I'm scared to let it near my face after reading some reviews about it causing acne (who knows if it will actually happen), but for the rest of the bod it is great. Goes on quick and like other oils just a dab will do. Besos dear!- Ansley

    1. yes!! i just started using plain coconut oil a couple days ago. it feels great! especially on days when i dry brush my skin really well before showering and the put the coconut oil on right after getting out. my skin feels super soft all the time now.