Tuesday, January 15, 2013

rainy day wish list

yesterday i did not leave the house. i barely left the bed. i wasn't sick. just one of those days. it was raining and i was absurdly tired. but i feel pretty certain that i would have gotten up bright and early and finished all my errands if i had the accessories above! 

the bubble umbrella is one of those things that is forever on my wish list but i haven't coughed up the cash for. i've been looking for an affordable and classic trench coat for about a year now and have yet to find THE one [the trench shown is NOT affordable]. and those rain booties just kill me. i would definitely wear them even when it's not raining! i have some of the tall hunter boots, but i've been thinking about selling them. i'm more drawn to short boots these days. 

i just realized that i have wanted all three of these items since i visited NYC for the first time almost a year ago. it was pouring down rain the whole time we were there. hunter's are a pain to pack [and not very comfortable to walk around in all day], my outdoorsy rain jacket didn't go with my outfits, and our umbrella kept flying up. obviously these things could have solved all of my rainy day problems.

<3 jojy

1. clear bubble umbrella; 2. classic trench coat; 3. chic rain booties

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