Wednesday, November 21, 2012

what i'm listening to wednesday: sufjan stevens was inevitable, i suppose. i know people are all against listening to christmas music before thanksgiving but since thanksgiving is tomorrow, i guess its okay.

so sufjan stevens recently came out with a huge box set full of christmas songs and other surprises. i haven't bought it yet but i've streamed the album online and i like it! i appreciate how sufjan has always had a mixture of more traditional christmas songs and then some that don't "sound like christmas."

i have never really liked christmas music so i get tired of it on all the radio stations reeeeaaal fast. but there is some crazy number of tracks in this sufjan box set and they are all really great so i don't anticipate getting tired of this anytime soon.

harrison and i are going to see sufjan live this coming monday and we are pretty pumped! it will be a nice way to kick off the christmas season.

<3 jojy

[...while i really do enjoy the sufjan christmas music...if i'm being completely honest, i've actually been listening to nicki minaj the whole time i've been working on this post. but in the interest of keeping things G-rated (and if you are reading this from work or in the presence of children or the elderly) i decided i should not post any of her videos.]

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