Tuesday, November 20, 2012

my favorite etsy shops: bark decor

as christmas is nearing, i figured i could feature some of my favorite etsy shops for inspiration in case anyone gets as fracking stressed about buying gifts as i do.

bark decor is one of my absolute faves. i am generally a huge fan of anything that incorporates geometric shapes, lines and animals with hints of native american flare. Sara from bark decor does all of that and produces some seriously cool designs.

i think one of the coolest aspects of bark decor is that they use eco-friendly and water-based inks and they use the sun in their backyard when screen printing. i like this quote from Sara as she explains their process,

"Choosing to work this way makes our process very dependent on the conditions of our environment and reminds us of how much we truly need our environment to work and function, for our business and for our world."

pretty cool, huh?

her shop has some beautiful pieces. she has a variety of different designs screen printed on t-shirts, tank tops, sweat shirts, leggings, scarves, pillow cases, tea towels... also some pretty jewelry and prints to frame and hang on the wall. i want all of it so if you're buying gifts for me this is a one stop shop. jk. but you know.

for valentine's day this year i bought harrison the wolf totem shirt [pictured above] and the tank top version of that for myself and we wore them to get our marriage tattoos [harrison seriously considered changing our marriage tattoo to include the wolf totem!]. the tattoo artist said, "so, what are these matching wolf shirts all about?" classic. 

anyways, you should go take a gander at bark decor. you won't be disappointed!

<3 jojy

[all photos and quotation are from bark decor]

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