Monday, November 26, 2012

my favorite etsy shops: olivia terrell jewelry and metalworking

this one in particular is near and dear because olivia is one of my good friends. we originally met through our boyfriends, who were best friends growing up, and then they both became our husbands. when i first found out that olivia "makes jewelry," i gotta be honest, i wasn't expecting a whole lot. i had never really known anyone to make real know just friendship bracelets or something. but that was just my naivety cause i quickly realized that THIS GIRL CAN MAKE SOME JEWELRY. 

olivia manipulates metal in a perfectly beautiful and fresh way. she does subtle everyday jewelry to statement-like jewelry [which in my opinion could still be for everyday]. i have several pieces from her and i wear them all the time.

there are two photos above [top and bottom left] that are from her portfolio. aren't they lovely? i think they showcase her talent and versatility. pretty much all of the other photos you see are pieces that you can buy from her etsy shop. she can also be found selling her jewels around various holiday craft fairs and things of the like. for anyone in georgia, she'll be in athens for the indie south fair on december 8th, selling her creations

i have never been much of a jewelry person until olivia and i became friends, and now her's is pretty much the only jewelry i wear! while you're poking around her shop, you should also check out her website and her blog.

<3 jojy

[photo in the right middle by clark brewer, styling by caroline brewer styling/ all other photos by olivia terrell]

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