Friday, November 23, 2012

my favorite etsy shops: KiNGFLY

next up in my etsy shop series is KiNGFLY.

KiNGFLY has bags, totes, clutches, card holders and other accessories. they are made with quality leather and fun fabric interiors and they are all one of a kind! handmade by Rachel Pepper, these bags are so unique and fun! 

Rachel does everything herself. she picks out the materials, designs and sews. no assembly lines, no factories. just one incredibly talented lady!

i have one of the iconic shoulder bags [similar to the big one above] and a natural leather clutch [middle] and i love both of them. the design for the shoulder bag really is perfect and its so different than anything else i've seen in the bag realm. i get a lot of comments on it when i wear it out. i received the natural leather clutch as a bridesmaids gift earlier this year and it was definitely a winner all around. 

these bags are for anyone who appreciates quality, style and originality. i love how Rachel doesn't duplicate a bag. the color of leather, thread and interior fabric is only used together in that combination one time, insuring that your bag is in fact the only one of its kind out there. so cool!! 

if you have a special lady in your life [wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter] who likes purses and individuality, i recommend something from KiNGFLY for any gift-giving occasion.

<3 jojy

p.s. tomorrow is small business saturday!! shop small and show your support for small business owners like Rachel!

[photos and logo are from KiNGFLY]

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