Monday, June 3, 2013

life lately

good morning!

i'm just checking in to say that life has been crazy lately but i'm hoping to get back in the saddle soon [figuratively, of course. i'm actually afraid of horses].

things that are happening in my life:

-my temporary nanny job is ending this week. bittersweet. i love this baby boy so much!
-applying for jobs. well, one job. i'm a 'put all my eggs in one basket' kind of gal.
-house hunting. harrison and i have been looking for a house to buy for almost 3 months. it's exhausting and we're so close to swearing off home buying forever. lets go live in the woods!
-learning more about our growing pup. zissou is 6 months old now and being a little bit of a bratty teenager. but he's still cute and funny and cuddly so we'll keep him [oh and i want like a million more dogs. yeah, totally a crazy dog lady now].

see ya soon,

<3 jojy

p.s. the picture above is from our recent trip to charleston for a wedding. z had kennel cough so he had to come with us and it ended up being a blast. i highly recommend traveling with your dog, it makes everything feel a little more adventurous. 

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  1. Oh, what fun! Taking Sam to OH in December was definitely an adventure, so I know what you mean! We are hoping to see all three of you on Sunday!