Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what i'm listening to wednesday: Lotte Kestner

oh, why yes, that IS my face in a music video. how kind of you for noticing.

during our family vacation this summer, my sister in law, jessica [i've blogged about her before.], asked harrison and i if we would be in this music video she was making for lotte kestner, aka anna-lynne williams, a seattle folk musician. we were psyched, obviously. also in this video, a cameo appearance by my youngest nephew, everett. he's clearly destined for acting.

please check out lotte kestner's music!! it is very beautiful. melodic, whimsical, folksy. everything i look for in a good female folk singer.

<3 jojy

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  1. Pretty music...and super cool that you're in a music video. Also, you are ridiculously stunning. Beauty. love, love