Tuesday, December 11, 2012

small town southern livin'

i'm feeling thankful to live in a small southern town. 

a lot of days, harrison and i pine for big city living. we want to move to nyc sometime in the next couple of years and as a result, every once in a while, it's hard to remember to live fully where we are and not miss out on life while we're dreaming of the next thing.

i love the south. i really do. but there are a lot of things that i strongly dislike about the south. i'm not going to go into any of those things now because i like to keep positive vibes around here, but lets just say most days, the pros and cons of southern life are about equal. some days the cons outweigh the pros. but yesterday the pros outweighed the cons. in just the littlest, nicest way. 

i was out walking errands around decatur yesterday. with my umbrella cause it looked like rain. i was on my way back home when all of a sudden it started raining hard and the wind was the kind that blows your umbrella up and makes you look silly. i happened to be passing by our local catholic church, so i ran for cover by their front doors, hoping the storm would pass quickly. 

i was only under the awning for 15 minutes before i had three different people come out and ask me if i needed a ride! now, i know that most of the time it isn't safe to take rides from strangers. but i weighed my options and after they insisted several times, i accepted one of them. she was a delightful woman, probably in her 50s, driving a minivan with carseats in the back for her grandkids. she was very sweet and i felt completely safe [and dry]. i wish i remembered her name! i would bake her some cookies for her generosity. 

nyc, we're coming for you one day. but right now i'm so thankful that i live in a small southern town where i felt totally at ease accepting this kindness from a stranger.

<3 jojy

[artist: mattie lou o'kelley title: yard sale]

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