Wednesday, December 5, 2012

remember this girl?

 she's baaaack.

yep. i cut all of my hair off today. it was just time.

if you knew me between the ages 13-18 then you remember that i had all varying levels of short hair. pixie, bob, back of the head shaved, all the way to full buzz cut and all kinds of colors too. i think that a lot of people thought i was "troubled" because i did all of those different things to my hair. but i wasn't! i just think hair is fun and always [usually] grows back. i kind of feel like cutting your hair off is like getting tattoos. if you do it once, you get kind of addicted and want to do it again. so, even though i've enjoyed my long hair for the past several years, i just have never been able to get a pixie cut out of my mind.

i'll miss my long hair sometimes. thats just part of it. i think i'll mainly miss my messy buns and hair twirling [although it will be good to break the habit].

i had my trusty hair man, jason, from salon vagabond at aviary organic beauty collective chop it off for me. he's been doing my hair [including my wedding updo] for about a year and half. he understands my style 100% so i knew i could trust him. i emailed him a couple weeks ago with some inspiration. i was pulling mainly from ginnifer goodwin's styles over the past year and michelle williams. two short haired beauty ladies.

anyways. yay short hair!

<3 jojy

p.s. please excuse all of the "selfies" [apparently thats what the kids are calling it when you take photos of yourself] sometimes you just gotta do it.


  1. Totally freaking out. I love love love it. You're gorgeous.

  2. nia, i thought about how i probably broke some best friend code by not consulting you and laura on this beforehand. glad you guys dont hate me. on wednesdays we wear pink.

  3. I love your hair! You are meant to be a short hair lady. I've had my ups and downs and perms highlights but am going to stay short haired forever - just don't tell my husband!
    Thanks for playing and singing so beautifully at ASF on Thanksgiving weekend. We were there worshipping with my daughter, Cameron and her husband, Jonathan.
    And I am enjoying your blog!
    Blessings, Tina Morrow

    1. thanks, Tina! i'm really enjoying my short hair :)
      i'm so glad you enjoyed the music at ASF. i spoke with your husband and Savannah but didn't get a chance to say hi to you or your son!
      thanks for reading!

  4. no, no, you're in trouble. you can't sit with us.

  5. I remember when you shaved your head! Loved it then and now!! Gorgeous Joj..really!

    XO Jill

    P.S. - I'd love to get the name of who did your wedding hair and makeup!

    1. thanks!!

      Jason from salon vagabond, who i mentioned above, did my hair for the wedding. he did a great job! i wanted something a little less traditional. i brought in several photos of some celebrities who had the big voluminous updo and he toned it down a tad for real life but left it enough to still be unique :) and i had a good friend, Olivia Terrell, make my hair piece.

      i did my own makeup [no one told me it was thing to get your makeup done professionally. ha!] and i was actually very happy with the results. i used all natural makeup from Vapour Organic Beauty.

      hope that helps!