Friday, November 9, 2012

this season

for me this season is all about:

tights, hot tea, cardigans, crockpot meals, bundled up walks, my favorite lace up heels, holding hands to keep warm, tall socks, good beers [lets be honest thats for all seasons], sitting by the fire [aka our tiny space heater], husbands on tractors [bottom left]...

on a real note, i'm going to try and remember to be in community with others this season. i have a bad habit [as a lot of us do] of being kind of a loner during the winter months. i become introverted and flake out on my friends a lot more than i normally would. i guess by making it public, all of my friends out there can now officially call me out. yikes!

anyways, i was looking back over kinfolk magazine volume 2 in which they talk a little bit about how there is such a difference between summer and winter. in summer, hanging out happens naturally. people are always getting together. but winter is the season of being intentional with our gatherings. there is long lovely quote that i'm not going to type out here but you should check out the magazine and read it for yourself. here's a tiny snippet:

"winter is the recognition, in the form of a season, that we need each other."   
        -nikaela peters in kinfolk magazine volume 2

so, go have a lovely weekend, why don't you! and love on your people. community is important.

<3 jojy

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  1. I'm so excited about this. I now have a blog I'll actually read!!! Keep 'em coming. Love you