Friday, November 16, 2012

my friend nia got her very first tattoo

i got to accompany one of my best friends, nia, on an adventure to get her first tattoo! she just had a birthday so it was her birthday present to herself.

we went to only you tattoo in grant park. i had never been there before but i really liked it! it was a very nice and clean atmosphere with very friendly staff. i'm thinking i'll try this place out for my next tat.

nia designed her own tattoo. it's a tree with the word "peace" in the branches and the word "grace" at the roots. she also included a quote that she had seen graffitied somewhere ["a singing bird will come"]. how cool is that?! i think its really beautiful.

she did great. tattoos can be painful [depending on who you talk to] and nia was afraid she would embarrass herself by crying but she didnt!! no tears! although there was some serious hand fingers were turning purple.

yay tattoos!

<3 jojy

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