Monday, November 12, 2012

land girls

this is a fitting second post for the day since i just posted a few of my thoughts on tomboy style...

while doing some chores around the house today, i started watching a tv series on netflix called Land Girls. i found it by clicking around on things suggested by netflix based on my interest in Downton Abbey. Land Girls isn't nearly as good as DA but i was in the mood for any tv series or movie set in a similar time period and place. and i found one! and the main characters are girls, which is always fun. the series follows 4 main characters around in their adventures in the Women's Land Army during WWII. 

and despite the fact that i've already read that the series has tons of inaccuracies and the writing isn't all that great, i'm really enjoying it!

...all of this is to say that i'm LOVING all of the clothes that the girls wear. from their work clothes to their party dresses. its all lovely, vintage tomboy style goodness. 

i'm inspired. 

<3 jojy

[top photo from / bottom photo unknown source]

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